Briefing note for handling of personal customer data
Pursuant to Art. 13, Legislative Decree 196 of 30/06/2003, we inform you that the personal data you have provided or which will be provided, will be handled in compliance with legal requirements.

Scope of data handling
Data handling and/or disclosure will occur for the following purposes:
1) fulfilment of any pre-contractual requirements;
2) fulfilment of legal and contractual obligations (e.g. accounting, tax formalities, administration);
3) customer management;
4) management of lines of credit;
5) risk control;
6) management of legal disputes and assignment of debts;
7) accounts and cash accounts management;
8) management of financial and/or insurance services;
9) management of online pay tools;
10) delivery management;
11) sales relations management;
12) marketing operations and strategy management;
13) telemarketing;
14) sales information, promotional mailing, direct sales;
15) fulfilment of obligations required by ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications;
16) customer satisfaction surveys.

Handling methods
Handling will include the following operations: telephone, computer, written; drawn from public registers, lists, deeds and documents and/or public and/or private databases (sales information companies); registration, organization, storage and processing on paper, disk, automated or IT supports; processing of data collected from third parties; modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use and temporary handling for fast compilation or transformation of these data; creation of profiles and briefing notes, notification, erasure and destruction of data; combination of two or more of the abovementioned operations.


Notification and disclosure of data
Disclosure to third parties will always be undertaken pursuant to obligations of law or deriving from regulations or other EC requirements. We will disclose data in Italy and other EC member states to the following subjects:
1) our sales network;
2) other branches and/or subsidiaries (where handling will be for purposes similar to those indicated in this briefing note);
3) companies, authorities, associations and/or individuals who provide data processing services;
4) banks and credit institutions;
5) factoring companies;
6) insurance or debt recovery-assignation companies;
7) sales information companies;
8) consultants and professionals;
9) professional and business management services;
10) auditors;
11) shipping agents, carriers and couriers;
12) court offices in the context of criminal investigations;
13) other subjects authorized to access personal data as acknowledged by law;
14) other companies, authorities and/or individuals who undertake activities connected or instrumental to and/or in support of ours, or required and/or inherent to the implementation of contracts and services you have requested.

Your personal data will not be disclosed.

Provision of personal data
Provision of your personal data is compulsory for the scope of the paragraph “Scope of data handling”. Your consent is not required for handling data for those purposes. Nonetheless, a refusal on your part to provide data will make it impossible to establish or continue contractual relations with your company. Data will be handled for the entire duration of the contract stipulated with you and, subsequently, for the entire period required to fulfil legal obligations.

Rights of the interested party
With regard to personal data, as the parties affected by the handling, you may exercise the rights envisaged by Art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, including:
1) obtaining confirmation from the handler of the existence of data that concern you and that they are available in an intelligible form;
2) being made aware of the origin of the data, the scope and the handling methods;
3) being advised of the identity of the handler and the individuals to whom data may be disclosed;
4) obtaining revision, correction, integration, erasure, conversion to anonymous form or impeding access to data if handled in violation of the law.;
The interested party is entitled to challenge data handling for legitimate reasons.

Date handler
The handler of personal data is the company: Grandi Salumifici Italiani SpA, with registered offices in Modena, Strada Gherbella, 320.